Riverside Pizzeria

Celebrating 70 Years of serving up the U.P.'s Top Choice pizza - Right here in Iron River, Michigan.

Newest topping: Fresh Mushrooms, Fresh Green Pepper & Pineapple. Also offering a Gluten Free Crust.

Freshly made crust, pizza sauce and sausage.

Voted the U.P.'s Top Choice Pizza.


It doesn't get any better than this!

Enjoying the pizza from RiversideBaked to perfection in our stone deck ovens.

Pizza Customers at Riverside Pizzeria Iron River MI

Since 1946 Riverside Pizzeria has been greeting guests in Iron River Michigan. Riverside has been serving the same great pizza for 70 years. The same way, at the same location--Now that's TRADITION!

Kids love Iron River pizza fro Riverside Pizzeria

The next generation of Riverside Pizza lovers!


Riverside Pizzeria is a favorite gathering place to meet friends and family. Family reunions, class reunions, and other special events--it's always the place to meet. Great food, fun nostalgic atmosphere, and good friends. That's what Riverside Pizzeria is all about. Riverside Pizza Inside