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In 1946, World War II veterans Nello Silvestrini and Leonard (Bob) Scalcucci opened the Riverside Bar in their hometown of Iron River, Michigan. After a short while they introduced a pizza menu, developing their own distinctive recipe, which became popular and continues to be served today.

More than 40 years on, in 1988, the Fritz family acquired what had become known as Riverside Bar and Pizzeria. Today, Tom and Susan Fritz carry on the Riverside tradition. They bake each pie in stone deck ovens for a crispy cracker crust and freshly prepare the original sweet and tangy sauce daily. This is pizza approved across generations and celebrated throughout the Upper Peninsula.

Now Riverside Pizzeria expands for the first time -- into Wisconsin. Ryan, Dawn, and Joel Ruzziconi faithfully bring the quality and taste of Riverside Pizzeria to Green Bay.

Stop by either location to enjoy our zesty pizza, local craft beers and a winning community atmosphere.

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Riverside Pizzeria Iron River MI

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